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How to choose a reliable laser cutting machine manufacturers


Right now,There are so much Laser cutting machine manufacturers , and there are also much peple need to buy laser cutting machine business , but not every enterprise can buy their favorite laser cutting machine. This is because a lot of business procurement staff on the lack of understanding of the laser cutting machine caused. So how to choose a reliable laser cutting machine manufacturers to buy a satisfied with the laser cutting machine products?

First of all, select the laser cutting machine models and specific configuration: According to the enterprise to cut the material and thickness, as well as cutting efficiency and cutting quality requirements, and secondly, according to the thickness of cutting materials to understand the specific configuration of laser cutting machine.

Second, look at the laser cutting machine manufacturer's manufacturing quality and processing accuracy: in the laser cutting machine models and configuration to determine, will focus on CNC cutting machine manufacturing quality and cutting accuracy. Laser cutting machine tool structure, the quality of the laser, the quality of rails, machine installation grounding and shielding technology, are related to or determine the quality of laser cutting machine and cutting accuracy. Purchasing personnel need to carefully understand and compare the different laser cutting machine machine tool structure and machine configuration, to understand the production of laser cutting machine manufacturing equipment, processing quality and cutting accuracy, as well as matching a variety of imported components and components of the brand and characteristics, through Configure key imported products and components to ensure the quality of laser cutting machine and machine tool accuracy.

Next, select the operating system. In determining the type and configuration of CNC cutting machine, selected the cutting machine manufacturer, the next is to select the CNC system. The operating system is the heart of the laser cutting machine. The hardware configuration of the operating system determines the stability of the operating system. The operating system's cutting control software, especially the automatic cutting process, determines the cutting quality and cutting efficiency of the laser cutting machine. The stability of the operating system is the most important.

Finally, after the purchasing. Learning and understanding of the cutting efficiency and cutting the quality of the method, laser cutting machine cutting efficiency and cutting quality is essential to the user, but also enterprises to evaluate the success of laser cutting machine procurement and the pros and cons of the only standard. In the laser cutting machine structure and hardware configuration is basically the same or similar circumstances, laser cutting machine cutting efficiency and cutting quality is mainly determined by the nesting software and operating system cutting control software decision. To improve the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of laser cutting machines, cutting methods should be used for full-time cutting, automatic cutting and efficient cutting to avoid programming, nesting and manual control of the cutting process on the operating system.

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