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2017 the Expo bright end; The belt The road, HE laser on the way

2000 years ago, Zhang Qian out of the Western Regions, opened a main road to the East and West economic and trade, cultural exchange.

In the fall of 2013, the Chinese government put forward the "The belt The road" initiative to make this millennium business road glow new life;

And just ended "The belt The road" international cooperation peak, more "Silk Road Economic ZThe" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" provides a new surging momentum;

With the advance of the strategy "The belt The road" , has long been active in the world stage of the HE laser also received a more powerful driving force.

                                                                Laser cutting machine

HE Laser "The belt The road"  transcripts

HE laser efforts to deepen the domestic market ,at the same time, in 2011 will be the first HE Laser products HECY2513A-500 solid laser cutting machine exports abroad, exported to Syria. After nearly 10 years of innovative strategic layout, has now completed a comprehensive global marketing service network.

Adhering to the core idea "innovation, cooperation and win-win", as of today, HE Laser has more than 30 countries with hundreds of partners to establish a cooperative relationship for domestic and foreign customers with high-quality laser cutting machine solutions, Printed "HE laser" words of the laser cutting machine products are exported to the Nordic, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and other countries and regions and sold back to Russia.


                                                               Laser cutting machine

In recent years, in accordance with the ideas "go out, come in" HElaser not only to the world around the presence of a large number of high-tech technical staff, but also regularly arrange international partners to the company for training, to achieve a timely and efficient local Service.


                                                            Laser cutting machine

HE Laser The ‘’belt The road’’ new opportunities

May 17 - 19, "innovation and development of new ideas, a new opportunity the belt the road" as the theme of the 10th China Central Investment and Trade Fair held in Hefei. This exhibition of new energy vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent products, nearly 80,000 square meters of exhibition area, has been a variety of high-tech and intelligent elements "occupation."

                                             Laser cutting machine

HE laser with independent research and development products HECF4015IE fiber laser cutting machine, with the central six provinces with a large number of innovative enterprises debut, the collective for the central grab "The belt The road" new opportunities "endorsement."

As the theme of the Expo, ‘’The belt The road’’ for Chinese enterprises to enter the global market has created an unprecedented new opportunities for development. During the exhibition, HE laser cutting machine site display has attracted a large number of merchants stop to appreciate, consultation and exchange. The exhibitors of HE Laser have been very productive, with many customers to reach the intention of cooperation, while in-depth opening of the central region of laser cutting machine market.

                                              Laser cutting machine

Many countries for China's enterprises and products more open, HE Laser also feel the cooperation and exchanges at home and abroad more and more smooth. In recent years, HE laser in the international market cooperation gradually in-depth, in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Eastern Europe and other areas along the way to maintain regional market continued to grow.

                                             Laser cutting machine

                                             Laser cutting machine

After this exhibition, HE laser will implement the "The belt The road" spirit, adhere to the "innovation and development of new ideas" to further increase R & D innovation, and always maintain the leading edge technology, will be better, better laser cutting machine products To the whole country, and even the whole world. So that China's "wisdom" made the leading technology and products to the world, as "The belt The road" economic prosperity building blocks.


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