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HE laser 2017 first quarter of the marketing conference held

April 27-17, 2017, HE laser two-day "2017 first quarter marketing conference" held in HE conference room grand. HE,

general manager of the region and the sales manager gathered together to analyze the first quarter of the work of the trade-offs,

and the second half of the work of strategic planning, and write the second quarter of 2017, "new starting point, the new journey," the bright Chinese chapter..

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Participate in this marketing will be: HE laser chairman and general manager Fu Jun; HE laser vice president and director of human resources Chen Chao;
HE laser high power director Zhou Ping; department managers, regional sales director and the Regional sales backbone and so on.
At the beginning of the meeting, in the warm applause, Fu Jun, general manager and HE high-power director Zhou Ping first made a brief and brilliant summary of the first quarter of 2017 report. Work report link,for the first quarter of HE sales performance, pay the total review and analysis of the work of the team in the first quarter of the mission objectives to be informed,and we have to obtain the indicators of the performance, but also pointed out that the lack of work and management of the short board. In the first quarter, we have a best study.
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In the company's senior leadership and marketing center staff, driven by the two-day first quarter marketing summary meeting have a complete success. Members of the senior leadership of the detailed summary and planning, like a compass, for all marketing staff pointed out the goal and work direction; sales elite is a wonderful share of marketing strategy gluttonous feast, so that the scene of the marketing staff hearty dripping feeling To the marketing of the charm and passion, so that we confidently return to the post, to the market. 2017 HE laser, will be forging ahead, create greater glory!
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