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2017 Annual Annual Marketing Conference

Cohesion - Achieve Brilliant - 2017 Annual Annual Marketing Conference
"Do the laser industry manufacturer's pilot" is our vision
"To provide customers with the best quality laser cutting machine products and services" is our mission
"Integrity, professional, focused" is our values
HE laser nearly ten years has been with the strength and innovation to the forefront of the industry, in the laser on the road, we take the wind and waves, 2017 July 25 - 27, HE laser mid-year marketing conference ended successfully! Looking back in the first half, for the HE laser, is a down-to-earth rapid development of the year, all employees in the company's unremitting efforts and hard work, HE Laser have made brilliant achievements.
Summary • Learning is endless
Excellent fighters ride the battlefield, Fang Xian hero character, and our excellent sales team is only growing their ability to be in the ever-changing shopping malls in the invincible. In this sun like fire, heat intolerable in July, HE laser launched a three-day annual sales of 2017 annual meeting. The marketing conference, not only for the year 2017 annual results were published and summarized analysis, and organized the HE LASER sales elite in Wuhan IPG branch and Wuhan Raycus Branch headquarters for professional training and learning exchange.
The training and learning, in improving the level of business knowledge and the overall quality of the elite has a role in promoting the practical significance of the company's business development and provide a strong guarantee. At the same time let the participants of the small partners feel the charm of HE laser and passion, so that everyone confidence to return to the post, to the market. Blueprint has been painted, drums have been ringing, I believe that the future of HE LASER will be more bright and bright laser tomorrow.
Laser cutting machine
HE laser in Wuhan IPG training study
Laser cutting machine
HE laser in Wuhan Raycus training study
Smelt • gather teamwork
A bamboo pole dilapidated ocean, everyone paddle to start the galleon. This is the strength of the team! HE LASER not only have excellent staff, but also has excellent marketing team. In order to make the HE LASER team more combat effectiveness and cohesion, July 27 HE LASER to carry out a one-day trip to Jingshan passion, this event by the sales Yang Lin and human resources Luo Yuan Yuan presided over. The short break is for a longer way to go. The Jingshan trip, the new journey line, careful road arrangements, we warmly, united.
Laser cutting machine
With a full harvest and mission will be up to the confidence in the road leading to success, the HE LASER will work hand in hand, take advantage of the momentum and create greater glory! 
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