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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    HECF600013RT-500/700/1000w Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

    • Fiber Laser&YAG Laser
    • Brand :HE Laser
    • Weight:Based on requirement
    1. Detailed information


    >>Machine Description

    Imported IPG laser, optical fiber transmission system and focusing system, height following control system, 6000mm mobile rotary self-centering jaw fixture, synchronous rotary hollow centering device, laser head movement shaft, helical rack drive machine, cooling system, air Filter drying system, equipped with China and Russia professional control system, laser contactless processing, to meet the circular tube cutting various types of slotted, openings and other precision pattern cutting and cutting processing needs. Suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel different materials. Not only save mold production costs, but also a lot of shorten the development time, to achieve the purpose of flexible manufacturing. Applicable to the length of 6000mm, wall thickness of less than 3mm, diameter Ф20mm ~ Ф130mm round tube.

    >>The equipment composition:

    Laser: HECF600013RT-500/700 / 1000w pipe laser cutting machine

    1: laser output power: 500/700 / 1000w

    2: laser wavelength: 1070 nm

    3: Output energy adjustment: 10% -100%

    4: Input power: less than 2000W

    5: Operating temperature: 16-35 ° C

    2, light guide, focusing system

    Optical fiber transmission light guide system and special lens focusing lens combination application, the laser transmission without loss, no pollution, metal cutting cutting speed greatly improved.

    3, red light indicating system

    The built-in coaxial red light of the laser is used as the indicator source to make the adjustment of the optical system easier, and the indication of the working point is more accurate.

    4, cooling system

    The laser uses the internal and external circulation cooling system, the specific parameter is as follows:

    Cooling capacity: ≤ 2700W

    Water temperature setting range: 16-300C adjustable

    Water temperature control accuracy: ± 10C

    Water tank capacity: about 11.2L

    Cooling medium: distilled water

    Power:380V 50HZ

    5, height to follow the control system

    The use of Japanese technology, capacitive sensor tracking and focusing system, also known as non-contact tracking system, with fast response and control the advantages of precision cutting cutting plate and plate minimum cutting height can reach 0.1mm, can greatly improve the gas utilization and cutting effectiveness.

    6, machine tools and control systems

    Pipe moving mechanism, the machine tool for the rack and pinion drive structure, high damping bed, good rigidity, can withstand high speed and acceleration. Imported AC servo system and drive system, linear guide guide to ensure that the equipment of high speed, high precision, high reliability. The motion of the rotary motion mechanism on the machine is greater than 6000mm.

    CNC control multi-axis motion control system can control the professional tube cutting needs of the three sets of servo system movement for efficient motion control, including two-axis motion differential linkage, the software is powerful, simple operation, can be directly selected in the software model editing or cutting Import the drawing process.

    7, three-point auxiliary centering device

    To maintain the rotation of the pipe rotation will not shift the center of rotation to ensure that the cutting accuracy, continuous cutting pipe processing, structure for the U-shaped open form, up and down tube Ф20mm ~ Ф130mm, convenient and simple.

    8, air filter gas drying device

    Air filter gas storage device to remove the compressed air containing water, oil droplets and solid particles, to improve the purification of lower air drying device. Air drying device through the unique design of the pipeline system, efficient heat exchangers, cooling evaporator and gas-liquid separator, the second efficient removal of compressed air contains water, oil droplets and solid particles, so that cutting efficient and stable.

    9, machine exhaust dust removal device

    1.1KW centrifugal fan to remove the cutting dust to maintain a good working environment, reduce the dust on the personnel and equipment damage.


    >>The equipment used in the necessary conditions and requirements.

    Users should provide a good use of equipment environment: equipment installation site smoothing 3M × 14M, clean environment, relatively clean, the use of equipment, ambient temperature 5-35 ° C. Provide work power configuration: three-phase five-wire power supply 380V / 50HZ; own air compressor (displacement greater than 0.6m ³ / min, 0.8Mpa


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