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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    HECF6015ISII-500/700/1000w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    • Fiber Laser&YAG Laser
    • Brand :HE Laser
    • Weight:Based on requirement
    1. Detailed information


    The main technical parameters

    Equipment model


    Laser output power


    Laser wavelength

    1070 nm

    Beam quality


    Maximum cutting speed

    30m/min (Based on the material)

    Minimum line width


    cooling method

    Water Cooling

    Maximum cutting range

    6600mm×1500 mm

    Worktable axial positioning accuracy


    Repeated positioning accuracy of the table


    Configuration instructions

    1) the world's top IPG fiber laser and laser power

    My company's fiber laser cutting machine are using the world's highest level of IPG laser, its performance and stability, the key components of the service life of up to 100,000 hours, the overall quality of equipment to be security. The laser can produce excellent beam quality, cutting lines more finely, more efficient, and better processing quality. Fully enclosed thermostat laser working environment, more effective to ensure the stability of the laser work.

    Red light indicates: The fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with a red collimator that can help the operator calibrate the laser cutting head anywhere on the board.

    Laser medium

    Semiconductor - pumped Yb - doped fiber

    Laser wavelength :1070nm

    Laser input power:<4KW

    Laser (rated) :Output Power 1000W

    Output energy adjustment :10-100%

    Operating temperature:16-35ºC

    The laser is continuous:operating hours 24h

    2) laser dedicated laser cutting head

    Equipment using German technology for fiber optic laser cutting head, with the capacitor non-contact automatic tracking system, you can adjust the best focal length to ensure the best cutting effect of the whole board, even if the material surface is not smooth can still ensure the quality of cutting, , Beautiful; high-speed capacitive sensing cutting spacing of 0.2mm minimum, improve cutting performance and reduce gas consumption. Because the cutting head is equipped with non-contact sensing device, under the control of the system, can achieve a stable Z-axis floating function, directly eliminate the uneven sheet on the cutting quality, the laser cutting machine has a high cutting yield.

    3) control system

    The equipment adopts high efficiency HE numerical control software, powerful, compatible, and can be compatible with NC document, DXF, PLT, Al and other mapping software format. Easy operation and maintenance, draw any flat image on the computer, without a mold, the product can be out immediately, save time and money. Optional nesting editing software, to maximize the utilization of materials and cutting efficiency. Powerful graphical display, intuitive performance cutting effect, online monitoring of cutting path. All the operation information is displayed on the LCD screen, friendly man-machine dialogue program, convenient for customer operation and maintenance. With convenient automatic recording position, breakpoint cut back function.

    4) machine tool system

    The machine adopts the gantry mechanical structure, the beam, the bed body as a whole processing, the equipment precision is high, the rigidity is good, the movement is smooth; At the same time the structure is compact, the area is small, the operation and maintenance is convenient, can meet the industrial 24 hour production need.

    Machine tool bed: the use of high-quality steel welded frame structure, through professional welding, high temperature annealing, the second aging treatment, large-scale gantry milling machine precision machining, these design and processing means to ensure that the machine has excellent shock resistance, high rigidity and stability Sex. Steel structure on the table design of two 3000mm × 1500mm work surface, can be achieved at the same time the front and rear machine cutting and loading and unloading of the alternating, greatly improving the production efficiency.

    Transmission system: The machine tool system is equipped with imported AC servo system and drive system. The machine tool adopts imported gear rack drive structure, linear guide guide, guarantee the high speed, high precision and high reliability of the equipment. Gear rack and linear guide with closed dust-proof device to prevent oil-free friction movement and dust pollution, improve the life of transmission parts to ensure the accuracy of machine movement. X / Y / Z-axis linear guide, rack and pinion, screw are filled with grease grease nipples, the gears are equipped with automatic grease lubrication device, regularly to the bed, beam rack and pinion to add lubricating oil to improve the gear rack life; Can be regularly filled with grease.

    Z-axis height adjustment device to achieve the upper and lower movement of the cutting head. Both ends are used near the switch control stroke, the use of ball screw drive to ensure the accuracy of the movement. Z-axis can be used as an axis for its separate interpolation movement, but also and X, Y-axis linkage, but also can be switched to follow-up control to meet the needs of different situations. Z-axis device in the capacitive sensor to detect the distance from the cutting nozzle to the surface of the board, the signal back to the control system, controlled by the control system Z-axis motor drive cutting head up and down movement, thus ensuring the cutting nozzle and plate distance unchanged Guaranteed cutting quality. The cutting head has a nut that adjusts the focus and adjusts the position of the focus according to the material and thickness of the cutting material to obtain a good cutting section.

    Gas system: cutting gas is divided into three independent control, can achieve the automatic switching process, the oxygen pressure of real-time control and flexible cutting process adjustment.

    5) cooling system

    As the laser performance, photoelectric conversion efficiency, resulting in small heat, so only equipped with low-power laser chiller to meet the equipment requirements, lower energy consumption.

    The laser uses the internal and external circulation cooling system, the specific parameter is as follows:

    Cooling capacity: ≤4000W

    Circulating water flow: ≥30L / min

    Water temperature setting range: 10-30 ºC adjustable

    Water temperature control accuracy: ± 1ºC

    Cooling medium: distilled water

    Input power: 2kW

    Power: 380V, 50Hz, three-phase five-wire system

    Passive alarm output: over-temperature and undercurrent, relay capacity<2A

    Other protection and alarm: phase sequence and phase protection, refrigeration system, high and low voltage protection, low water level alarm, press overcurrent protection, press start delay protection, safety grounding protection.

    6) Standard Annex

    Slagging system: the lower part of the bed with a roller-type partition collection tray, can automatically remove the waste in the production process and the collection of small parts.

    Machine exhaust dust removal device: centrifugal fan to remove the cutting dust to maintain a good working environment, reduce dust on personnel and equipment damage.

    Air drying device: air drying device through a unique design of the pipeline system, efficient heat exchangers, cooling evaporator and gas-liquid separator, the second efficient removal of compressed air containing water, oil droplets and solid particles to ensure that compressed air The pressure stability, so that cutting efficient and stable, to ensure a good air-assisted cutting effect.

    Cutting process parameters

    The following table for the HECF6015ISII-500/700 / 1000w laser cutting carbon steel and stainless steel, respectively, the maximum cutting thickness and high-quality cutting thickness range for reference.


    Max Cutting Thickness/mm

    Best Cutting Area/mm

    Carbon Steel



    Stainless Steel



    The following table for the HECF6015ISII-500/700 / 1000w laser cutting different thickness of carbon steel and stainless steel can achieve the cutting speed for reference.


    Thickness mm

    Max Cutting Speed m/min

    Carbon Steel





















    Stainless Steel
















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