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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    HECFIIIWJ -500/1000 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    • Fiber Laser&YAG Laser
    • Brand :HE Laser
    • Weight:Based on requirement
    1. Detailed information

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    Main Characters

    1. Excellent quality of light beam: smaller focus facula, more fine cutting line, higher working efficiency, better processing quality.
    2. Highly cutting speed: the 2 times by co2 laser cutting machine under the same power.
    3. Very high stability: adopt world top imported fiber laser source , stable performance, the using life of key parts can reach up to 100 thousands hours.
    4. Very high efficiency of photoelectric conversion: of which fiber laser cutting machine is 3 times by co2 laser cutting machine, saving the energy and protecting environment.
    5. Very low using cost: power consumption of whole machine is only 20---30% of co2 laser cutting machine under same power.
    6. Very low maintenance cost: no working gas for laser source; fiber transmission, no need the reflecting lens; can save large maintenance cost.
    7. Convenient product operation and maintenance: fiber transmission, no need to adjust the optical path.
    8. Very strong soft optical effects: compact volume and structure, which is easy for soft processing requirement.
    9. The machine tool adopts gantry double driving structure, high damping machine tool bed, good rigid, which can suffer very high speed and acceleration.
    10. This model adopts imported AC servo system driver and imported transmission system, the moving structure of machine tool adopts imported gear and rack transmission, linear guide track for guiding, ensuring the high speed、high precision and high reliability of equipment.
    11. Rack and guide adopt fullly enclosed protective device, which prevents oil free friction movement and dust pollution, enhances using life of transmission parts and ensures the precision of machine tool movement.
    12.Automatic switching table configuration, which shortens the standby time, and effectively enhances the working efficiency more than 30% 
    13.Fully enclosed protective cover, using safely.
    14. Professional laser cutting machine, cnc control system, computer operation, can ensure the cutting quality, and more convenient for cutting work.

    Technical Parameters

    Laser mediumRare Earth Doped Element Glass Fiber                                    
    Max cutting range3000mm*1500mm
    Max cutting speed15 m/min
    24 m/min
    Cooling wayWater cooling
    Laser wave length1070nm
    Laser output power
    Laser input power
    Min line width
    Cutting depth0.2--5mm  0.2--8mm
    Driving wayImported servo motor
    Tranmission wayY-axis importe gear rack double driver、X-axis imported gear rack
    Power requirements380V/50HZ
    Environment temperature5—35 ℃
    Continous working time24 hours
    Weight of the machine7500 kg   
    Outline size   5500mm*2900mm*2000mm  (length*width*height)                                      


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