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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    HECF3015IEAT-500W/700W/1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    • Fiber Laser&YAG Laser
    • Brand :HE Laser
    • Weight:Based on requirement
    1. Detailed information



    Laser cutting machine is a set of optical, mechanical, electrical integration of laser processing equipment, which uses laser technology and computer control technology and high-performance CNC laser power system, can quickly and efficiently processing a variety of metal sheet.

     >>The equipment composition

    (1) the world's top IPG fiber lasers and laser power

    My company's fiber laser cutting machine are using the world's highest level of IPG laser, its performance and stability, the key components of the service life of up to 100,000 hours, the overall quality of equipment to be security. Lasers can produce excellent beam quality, cutting lines more finely, more efficient, better processing quality.

    (2) fiber optic laser cutting head

    Equipment with German technology for fiber optic laser cutting head, with the capacitor non-contact automatic tracking system, you can automatically adjust the best focal length to ensure the best cutting effect of the whole board, even if the material surface is not smooth can guarantee the quality of cutting, Smooth, beautiful; high-speed capacitive sensing cutting spacing of 0.2mm minimum, improve cutting performance and reduce gas consumption.

    (3) control system

    The equipment adopts high efficiency HE numerical control software, powerful, compatible, and can be compatible with NC document, DXF, PLT, Al and other mapping software format. Easy operation and maintenance, draw any flat image on the computer, without a mold, the product can be out immediately, save time and money. Optional nesting editing software, to maximize the utilization of materials and cutting efficiency. Powerful graphics display, intuitive performance cutting effect, online monitoring of cutting path. With convenient automatic recording position, breakpoint cut back function.

    (4) machine tool system

    The machine adopts the gantry mechanical structure, the beam, the bed body as a whole processing, the equipment precision is high, the rigidity is good, the movement is smooth; At the same time the structure is compact, the area is small, the operation and maintenance is convenient, can meet the industrial 24 hour production need.

    Machine tools bed: the use of high-quality steel welded frame structure, through professional welding, high temperature annealing, the second aging treatment, large-scale gantry milling machine precision machining, these design and processing means to ensure that the machine has excellent shock resistance, high rigidity and stability Sex.

    Transmission system: The machine tool system is equipped with imported AC servo system and drive system. The machine tool adopts imported gear rack drive structure, linear guide guide, guarantee the high speed, high precision and high reliability of the equipment.

    Gas system: cutting gas is divided into three independent control, can achieve the automatic switching process, the oxygen pressure in real time control and flexible cutting process adjustment.

    (5) cooling system

    As the laser performance, photoelectric conversion efficiency, resulting in small heat, so just equipped with low-power laser chiller to meet the equipment requirements, lower energy consumption.


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