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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    HECF3015IE-500/700/1000 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    • Fiber Laser&YAG Laser
    • Brand :HE Laser
    • Weight:Based on requirement
    1. Detailed information


    >>The machine description

    Laser cutting machine is a set of optical, mechanical, electrical integration of laser processing equipment, which uses laser technology and computer control technology and high-performance CNC laser power system, can quickly and efficiently processing a variety of metal sheet.

    HECF3015IE-500/700/1000 laser cutting machine laser cutting machine for the 3000mm × 1500mm format laser cutting machine, processing fast, small slits, and thermal effect is small, especially for metal sheet processing.

    >>The equipment composition
    IPG-500/700 / 1000W fiber laser
    (1) laser output power: 500/700 / 1000W
    (2) laser wavelength: 1070 nm
    (3) Output energy adjustment: 10% -100%
    (4) Input power: less than 2KW
    (5) Operating temperature 15-35 ° C
    Fiber optic laser cutting head


    It adopts special fiber cutting head with German technology, equipped with professional QBH optical output interface, imported optical lens, highly sealed precision focus adjustment mode, high-speed capacitive sensing cutting spacing of 0.1mm minimum, improve cutting performance and reduce gas consumption. 


    >>The machine tool system

    The use of mobile gantry structure, beams, bed overall processing, equipment, high precision, good rigidity, smooth operation.

    Machine base: The use of high-quality pipe welded frame structure, after a professional welding, the second aging treatment, large-scale milling machine precision machining, these design and processing means to ensure that the machine has excellent shock resistance, high rigidity and stability.

    Machine tool table: steel structure on the table with a pneumatic material and pneumatic gauging device, the pneumatic head material device to facilitate cutting the plate up and down to reduce the work intensity, pneumatic folder device to cut the cutting plate to ensure the accuracy of sheet cutting.

    Slagging system: the lower part of the bed with blanking collector, to remove the waste in the production process and the collection of small parts.

    >> The transmission system: the use of gantry dual drive structure, high damping bed, good rigidity, can withstand high speed and acceleration. Imported servo system and drive system, imported rack drive, linear guide guide to ensure that the equipment of high speed, high precision, high reliability.

    >> the control system

    Fiber laser cutting system, including laser cutting process, commonly used nesting function and laser processing control. The main functions include graphics processing, parameter setting, custom cutting process editing, layout, path planning, simulation, and cutting control. Support with speed power adjustment, can be set to introduce a separate lead-out speed. Has the function of the material library, allowing the entire process parameters to be stored for the same material to be used again.

    >>Red light indicating system

    To coaxial red light as the indicator source, so that the adjustment of the optical system is more simple, the work of the instructions to locate more accurate.

    >>Cooling system

    The use of professional water cooling system, the temperature of the refrigeration unit to digital table shows that the water temperature exceeds the specified temperature when the refrigeration unit will automatically cool, the water temperature below the specified temperature when the refrigeration unit will automatically stop cooling.

    >>Air filter gas drying device

    Air filter gas storage device to remove the compressed air containing water, oil droplets and solid particles, to improve the purification of lower air drying device. Air drying device through the unique design of the pipeline system, efficient heat exchangers, cooling evaporator and gas-liquid separator, the second efficient removal of compressed air contains water, oil droplets and solid particles, so that cutting efficient and stable.

    >>Machine exhaust dust removal device

    Dual 1.1KW centrifugal fan to remove cutting dust to maintain a good working environment, reduce dust damage to personnel and equipment.

    >>Technical Parameters

    Laser output power


    Laser wavelength

    1070 nm

    Laser medium


    Beam quality


    Minimum line width


    Maximum air speed    


    X-axis max stroke


    Y-axis max stroke


    Z-axis max stroke


    Max cutting range (XY axis)

    3000mm×1500 mm

    Worktable axial positioning accuracy


    Repeated positioning accuracy of the table


    Max carbon steel cutting thickness

    12mm  (Best Cutting 0.5--5mm

    Max Stainless steel cutting thickness

    6 mm   (Best Cutting 0.5--3mm

    Power supply requirements


    >>Finnally The equipment used in the necessary conditions and requirements:

    Users should provide a good environment for the use of equipment: such as equipment installation site formation, no strong vibration, dry and clean environment, relatively clean, the use of equipment ambient temperature 5-350 ° C. Power supply: three-phase five-wire power supply 380V / 50HZ; own air compressor (displacement greater than 0.6 cubic meters / min, the pressure is greater than 0.8Mpa and less than 1.25Mpa), oxygen, nitrogen and cooling with distilled water 20 liters.

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