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Problems Faced:
Guangzhou Haige Machinery Co., Ltd. is a radio navigation companies in south China. It is the major supplier for stored program control and digital communication enterprises and financial electronic high-tech enterprises. Its crate, cabinets and other products have entered the international market. The slogan "Be perfect and powerful" is the company's development direction.

Nowadays, the increasing orders test the company’s production capacity. The subscription amount of currency self-service terminal equipments has exceed 7 billion yuan. The construction project size reaches 4 million square meters. Therefore, it is urgent for the company to increase product output and ensure the cutting precision by purchasing a new batch of laser cutting machine.

Solutions Given by HE Laser:
To solve this urgent problem, HE Laser, with its years of experience on metal laser cutting and technology cooperation with Russia, discussed with Hagrid Company and selected four sets HECF3015I-500. This machine adopts the world's top imported fiber laser. Its cutting speed is 2 times of that of the same power CO2 laser cutting machine, reaching to 15 m/min. It is special for rapid precision cutting of sheet metal below 4 mm. It is widely used in metal artware, hardware, precision machinery, auto parts, glasses, jewelry, nameplates, electronics, toys, advertisement and other industries. In order not to affect the 7 billion yuan order of currency self-service terminals, the 4 devices have quickly put into operation.

Laser cutting machine

User feedback: The accuracy and efficiency have been guaranteed and there will be no delay to the delivery date.
Guangzhou Haige Machinery Co., Ltd. is the main member of Guangzhou Radio Group which is one of the national five hunderd and twenty key state-owned enterprises. The company adheres to the military technology advantage. With the comprehensive application of numerical controlled flexible manufacturing technology, the company can produce ATM which occurs zero error. It is known that ATM gets a very high requirement on accuracy. HE Laser’s machine HECF3015I-500 is proved to be qualified to satisfy the requirements after a half-an-year test. Just as the user feedback: With HECF3015I-500, the accuracy and efficiency have been guaranteed and there will be no delay to the delivery date.

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