Rail Transit Industry

Rail transit is an infrastructure that every city attaches great importance to development. In addition, there are many products that need to be processed in the manufacturing of rail transit equipment, such as rails, car bodies, interior panels, bogies, etc. The welded structure of rail transit vehicles consists of a large number of To ensure the welding quality and size requirements after assembly welding, the processing quality of individual basic parts, such as flatness, straightness, and groove fineness, are all very demanding. The use of laser cutting equipment can produce high-precision, high-quality parts of the cut section.

Advantages Of The Solution
Small working area, narrow incision, small thermal deformation, high cutting accuracy
Environmental protection
Safe and environmentally friendly, low noise, no pollution
High efficiency
Several times the efficiency of traditional craftsmanship, and realize automatic cutting through computer programming design
Recommended Product
Exchange High Power Laser Cutting Machine

01.It is professionally built, fitting for high-intensity machine tool structures with high-powered lasers

02.It has a newly designed partitioned exhaust dust removal system, which can effectively remove dust during processing

03.The worktable can be exchanged automatically to reduce stand-by time and improve loading and unloading efficiency

04.It has a completely enclosed protective cover, which can ensure safe use

05.It has high accuracy and high speed drive system, adopts imported high speed servo-driven motors, high accuracy linear guide rail and pinion rack gear that are highly accurate to ensure cutting accuracy and efficiency

06.It is equipped with a wireless remote controller, and its hand holding operations are quite convenient