Thermal annealing steel bed, long service life
Machine body adopts traditional high temperature heat treatment, secondary aging process and secondary precision processing to increase the stability of the machine.
Double layer protective material at cutting area
The reinforcing ribs of all the cutting areas are protected by refractory materials to avoid burning by laser effectively.
Dust extraction system with partitioned ventilation
Partition ventilation, with stronger suction, multiple large-diameter air intakes are set evenly.
Modular assemble workbench
Assemble frames can prevent thermal deformation effectively. It is convenient to replace the supports to longer the life of workbench.
Independent traction for upper and lower workbenches
Standardized traction system for workbenches, convenient to exchange. All the traction motors of workbench fame are placed at the back, it is convenient to install and maintain.
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Technical parameters
S6 Ultra-High-Power 20000W-30000W
  • Cutting Sizes
  • Laser Output Power
  • Axial Positioning Accuracy
  • Axial Repeated Positioning Accuracy
  • Power Supply Requirement
  • Tags
    Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Equipment, High Power Laser Cutting Machine, Fiber Cutting Laser Machine
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