Chassis Cabinet Industry

The manufacturing volume of major steel and home appliances in my country has leapt to the forefront of the world. The refrigerators and washing machines accounted for more than 40% of the world; the air conditioners and microwave ovens accounted for about 70% of the world; and the production of small household appliances accounted for nearly 80% of the world. China has become a global home appliance manufacturing country and Main supplier country. In the context of the rise of the manufacturing industry, the traditional steel cutting process has problems such as tool wear, low processing efficiency, and easy to produce burrs, surface roughness, and deformation. In contrast, the fiber laser cutting process has become more prominent and has become the common choice of many steel processing companies.

Advantages Of The Solution
No processing stress, no deformation of the workpiece
Laser cutting can cut steel plates, steel materials, aluminum alloys, and cemented carbide plates without deformation
No need for secondary treatment, high processing efficiency
The non-contact processing method is adopted, no secondary treatment is required, and the cutting surface is smooth
High positioning accuracy and High cutting effect
High quality of the focused laser beam ,and the high positioning accuracy, so the cutting accuracy is also higher
Recommended Product
Shuttle Worktable Machine With Canopy

01.The worktable can be automatically exchanged to reduce stand-by times and improve loading and unloading working efficiency

02.It has a newly designed partitioned exhaust dust removal system, which can effectively remove dust during processing

03.It has high accuracy and high speed drive system, adopts imported high speed servo-driven motors, high accuracy linear guide rail and pinion rack gear that are highly accurate to ensure cutting accuracy and efficiency

04.After inputting graphics, the machine automatically optimizes, conducts layouts, automatically edges seek, pierces with multiple levels, and conducts many other flexible cutting technology settings, such as frog leap uplifting, fly cutting, break point memory