HE Laser Ceremoniously Launches The Intelligent H-Beam Laser Cutting Machine for Steel Structure Industry


3D 6-Axis Steel Cutting – HE Laser S9 Galaxy Series Ultra Large Power and Customized Super Laser Format Intelligent H Beam Laser Cutting Machine

With high strength and rigidity, H-beams steel are more and more widely used in steel structure buildings, industrial plants, bridge projects, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, rail transportation and other construction industries and heavy manufacturing industries. With the growing demand for H-beam cutting and processing in the market, HE Laser has newly launched a 3D six-axis and five-axis linkage solution for the steel structure industry, which is one of the highlights of HE Laser S9 Galaxy series Laser Cutting Machine.

Model Advantages:

Individualized solutions - Intelligent H-beam laser cutting machine is a customized solution for the steel structure industry, which solves the pain points of low precision and slow speed in the traditional steel processing, and is an indispensable new helper in the steel structure industry and the construction industry.

Intelligent Manufacturing - Intelligent H beam laser cutting machine is an advanced laser cutting equipment, which adopts laser cutting technology with high precision, speed and efficiency.

Automated Production - It can cut H-beams, I-beams, angles, etc. It can also be used for bevel cutting of section steel, plate steel 2D cutting, plate steel bevel cutting, etc.

Precision machining - The cutting path can be automatically generated according to the three-dimensional model of the section steel structure, as well as professional nesting. It realizes automatic centering and automatic machining, which greatly improves the machining efficiency and machining precision.

Comparison Of Workipece Seam Results: 

Traditional Manual Cutting VS Laser Cutting


Cutting Samples Display:

cutting samples.jpg

Advanced Solutions for Industry Applications:


Features of Intelligent H-beam laser cutting machine:


High precision machine structure.jpg

Floor standing support table.jpg



Technical Parameters

H-beam cutting area

100≤hight ≤500mm

180≤width H≤1000mm

Length L≤12000mm*2

Laser power

12KW, 20KW, 30KW

X-axis stroke


Y-axis stroke


Z-axis stroke


A-axis stroke (axis of rotation)


B-axis stroke (axis of rotation)


X/Y/X maximum positioning speed


X/Y/Z positioning precision


Cutting precision