How to cut 30mm Carbon steel with HE LASER 12000W fiber laser cutting machine


With the development of laser cutting processing for metals, the requirement of cutting quality is getting higher and higher. The technique of cutting carbon steel fast and with shinny cut surface is more and more popular, while it is difficult to cut 30mms carbon steel fast and with shinny surface.

Now the engineers of Wuhan HE Laser provide some valuable suggestions, which can help you achieve the “fast and shinny” cutting.



As we know, the max shinny cutting thickness of carbon steel by 12000W is 30mm,so it is difficult to achieve the stable cutting of 30mms carbon.

For this reason, the follows requirements are needed before cutting.

1.  The requirements of carbon steel sheet:

30mm thick, carbon content <1.11%;

Silicon content 0.1%-0.4%

2.  The requirement of gas:

Oxygen gas with pressure≥1Bar and purity 99.99% as auxiliary gas.

3.  Nozzle needed:

Type: High speed single-layer nozzle,  SP1.5 or SP 1.6

4.  The requirements of machine:

Machine works normally.


Process analysis:

The usual shinny cutting technique adopts double-layers nozzle and oxygen gas for cutting. After many experiments, the engineers of Wuhan HE Laser find the special cutting technique of adopting SP 1.5 or SP 1.6 high speed single layer nozzle and oxygen gas as auxiliary gas to realize the much higher speed and more shinny surface.

With the high speed single layer nozzle, the cutting speed and cutting quality can be improved greatly. The parameters adjustment in the experiments is very complicated, but there are some parameters which can be taken as reference as following:

The above is the special shinny cutting technique for 30mms carbon steel by 12000W. The machine for experiment is S4-BLAZE serials, which is a kind of classic model and very popular in market.

S4 BLAZE laser cutting machine.jpg


When cutting 30mms carbon steel by 12000W, it will need to avoid the problem of nozzle overheat. To ensure long time stable performance , the light point of laser must be adjusted at the center of nozzle. In addition, because the quality of sheets and gas are different in different countries, operator must test and fine adjust before start cutting.

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