The routine maintenance of Precitec brand medium and high power cutting head


1. Preparation

Clean worktable: Ensure that the maintenance process of the cutting head is carried out in a clean environment;

Dust-free paper: used to clean the surface of the cutting head;

Fiber swabs: prepare some of different sizes to clean the lens;

Dust-free finger cots: wear when cleaning lens;

Dust-free cloth: lay flat on the clean table before maintenance to prevent dust;

Anti-static dust-free gloves: wear during maintenance operations; Ethylene Propanol: use when cleaning the outer surface of the cutting head and lens;

Anti-static dust-free tape: used to cover the gaps in the appearance of the cutting head;

A set of clean Allen wrench: dedicated for maintenance, keep clean Spare Parts: well-packaged focusing lens assemblies and lens;


2. Clean the surface of the cutting head

Lay a clean dust-free cloth on the clean table, take a few pieces of dust-free paper, spray ethyl propanol on the dust-free paper, and wipe the dust on the surface of the cutting head.


3. Check the protective lens

A.  put on a finger cot, unscrew the locking screw of the lower protective mirror, and pull out the lower protective lens drawer (remember not to touch the lens with your fingers)

B. Use the optical fiber cold light source to carefully observe whether the lens is stained; Remove the pressing ring, pinch the side elevation of the lens with your fingers and take out the protective lens (never touch the surface of the lens with your fingers)

C. Take a cotton swab and spray it with an appropriate amount of Ethylene Propanol, then wipe the upper and lower surface of the lens in one direction;

D. Put the cleaned protective lens back into the lower protective lens drawer, press the pressure ring, and then insert the lower protective lens drawer into the slot of the cutting head, and lock the screw nuts.


4. Check the ceramic body and nozzle

A. Remove the nozzle first to check whether the nozzle is damaged; then unscrew the ceramic body locking screw cap, take out the ceramic body, please note that there is a sealing ring on the ceramic body, put it in the ceramic body locking screw cap, and then observe Whether the surface of the ceramic body is clean, if there is dust, it needs to be cleaned;

B. Take a cotton swab and spray it with Ethylene Propanol to clean the dust on the surface of the ceramic body;

C. When installing the ceramic body, install the sealing ring in the sensor groove above the ceramic body, then align the clamping points of the ceramic body, and then lock the locking screw cap of the ceramic body;

D. Install the nozzle.


5. Check the upper protective lens

Put on a clean finger cot, unscrew the screw of the upper protective lens drawer with an Allen wrench, pull out the upper protective lens drawer, and carefully observe whether the lens is clean with the optical fiber cold light source; if there is dust or other impurities, it needs to be disassembled and cleaned before insert it into the corresponding slot (the cleaning method is the same as the cleaning method of the lower protective lens), and install the screw with the Allen wrench.


6. Power-on test

A Turn on the power and check whether the cutting head is abnormal B Contact with your mobile phone and the app through Bluetooth,  to check the temperature, air pressure and other related data.


7. Dust-free protection of the cutting head

Cover the surface of the well-maintained cutting head and the nozzle with dust-free tape.

After completing the above steps, the basic maintenance of this cutting head has been completed.