Laser cutting machines—the best tool for kitchen ware industry


Along with development of economic, people’s requirement for household and kitchen ware is getting higher and higher. There are many kinds of kitchen wares, from cooker hoods to pots and pans, can be made with all kinds of shapes and designs.

As most of kitchen wares are made of metals, the key to make high quality products is the processing of metals.

The traditional processing of kitchen wares is mainly CNC punch machine, and together with multi-processes such as polishing, shearing and bending. It has the shortcomings as low efficiency, high mold consumption and high usage cost. For the manufactures of kitchen wares, high efficient laser cutting machine has the great advantages.

kitchen ware.png

The advantages of laser cutting:

1. Lower the cost

It doesn’t need to make molds, which can save the production cost and improve the yield rate and quality as well.

2. High process flexibility

Laser process has high flexibility. Graphic, no mater how complicate it is, can be finished by one-time cutting. It also has the functions of automatic layout and nesting, which can improve the utilization rate of metals materials.

3. Fast speed and high accuracy

Laser process has the advantages such as fast speed, high accuracy, smooth cutting edge, no burrs, lower defective product rate, shorter production period.

Wuhan HE make efforts to promote the development of kitchenware manufacturing industry

The laser equipments made by HE laser, are widely used by many manufacturers of kitchen wares and parts, such as Media, Wanhe, Huadi, Hengda, ROBAM.

Recommended machine: S1 Meteor series

It often needs to cut metal sheets and tubes in kitchen industries. S1 METEOR can cut both sheet metals and tubes, which can be called “one machine, two purposes”.