Application of laser cutting in fitness equipment manufacturing industry


Advantages of laser cutting in fitness equipment applications

Compared with the traditional cutting process, the laser cutting machine can cut the workpiece with better quality and reduce the processing steps. Compared with traditional sheet metal fabrication, it needs to go through several technological processes of cutting, punching and bending, which consumes a lot of molds and costs more.

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The most widely material used in fitness equipment is pipes, and many joints are connected by intersecting lines. The laser cutting machine can complete the cutting of various shapes of pipes, and can process any complex curve graphics on the pipe surface, which is not limited by the difficulty of graphics. The cut pipe section does not need secondary processing, and can be directly welded, which greatly shortens the production period and creates infinite value for the enterprise. Laser cutting has many advantages in tube processing.

  • High processing efficiency

Several meters of pipes can be cut in one minute, the product production cycle is short, and the efficiency is greatly improved.

  • High level of automation

CNC system, easy to operate, can realize automatic layout and nesting of cutting, and can cut different types of materials.

  • Low production cost

No molds, no tool wear, less material waste and lower labor costs.

  • High cutting quality

The slit is narrow, the cutting surface is smooth and beautiful, and there is no slag and burr.

Fitness equipment processing equipment recommendation, HE LASER T3 smart series tube fiber laser cutting machine.


  • 3D nesting software

  • Square and round pipe, special-shaped  profiles applicable

  • Annealing, de-stressing, anti-vibration

  • Automatic servo unloading support

  • Corner control tech, perfect corner cutting

  • Closed Pneumatic chuck, durable use

  • Feeding equipment as optional

  • Batch automatic feeding

  • Save labor cost

  • Improve production efficiency