HE Laser's 2020 after-sales service tour 1st step ends perfectly


In order to better understand the customer’s equipment usage, collect customers’ suggestions and needs, and improve the quality of pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services of HE Laser, on August 10, 2020, a post-sales return visit led by the after-sales department and the sales department The delegation officially set off and opened the HE Laser after-sales tour in 2020.

图片 1.png

Photos in Customer workshop

As one of the main battlefields of HE Laser in South China, Guangdong has become the first stop of this after sales service visit. A total of dozens of customers were visited this time, with a total travel distance of nearly 4,000 kilometers.

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During this return visit, the equipment in the customer's production workshop was in a very busy state. Although it was the customers' off work time when we visited, they were still busy in the workshop. The customer took us to visit the workshop while praising HE Laser for being a powerful laser equipment brand. 

图片 3.png

inspect the equipment in the customer's workshop at 10pm

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HE service engineer was soaked in sweat

In the customer's production workshop, we saw a cutting equipment manufactured by HE Laser in 2013 is still operating efficiently, and it is placed in the same workshop with the other two pipe cutting machines and plate cutting machines purchased in 2015. It is spectacular.

图片 5.png

Machine nameplate date 2013.10

The customer said that the 7-year history of using HE laser equipment has been smooth, and the after-sales service has responded in a timely manner within 24 hours, and he feels relieved to choose HE laser equipment. 

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Sparks "jumping" during the operation of the machines in client workshop

During the return visit, we saw some creative actions from customers, such as: in order to better maintain the laser equipment, the customer installed a constant temperature device in the machine room; in order to reduce the scratches on the workpiece, a rubber pad was added to the clamping device; Improve the operator’s work efficiency and set up a toolbox at the best position from the equipment console. These creative moves can not only improve the accuracy and stability of the equipment cutting, but also increase the service life of the equipment. 

图片 7.png

The constant temperature equipment installed by the customer on the wall of the workshop

As coastal provinces and regions, Guangdong Province has experienced vigorous development of various manufacturing industries. Laser cutting machines are widely used in automobile manufacturing, sheet metal processing, fitness equipment, new energy and other industries, encouraging us to develop and produce high-quality products while improving pre-sales and after-sales services.   

The first stop of nearly 4,000 kilometers, the return visit came to a perfect end. There were positive comments and many suggestions. The return visit of HE Laser will continue to optimize and upgrade services, deepen the core value of "customer-centric, create customer satisfaction value", and work together to serve every customer for a win-win situation. In the future, HE Laser will always be at the forefront of the laser technology application market, focusing on the development and production of laser automation production line supporting products and laser equipment customized services, and always adhere to customer-centricity, ensure quick response to customer needs, and strive to provide customers with 7*24 hours service from pre-sales, during-sales to after-sales! Customer return visits are still going on, we look forward to seeing you at the next stop!