Knowledge about the maintenance of the proportional valve


If you want to extend the service life of the laser cutting machine, maintenance and maintenance are very important. According to the statistics of HE laser, more than 80% of the current proportional valve problem repairs on the market are caused by excessive air supply pressure and debris entering the valve body. Now let HE laser introduce you a simple and practical method to help you solve this problem quickly.

A. Understand the situation

Maintenance personnel should first understand the usage and failure phenomenon from the user.

B. Visual inspection

Check the appearance of the proportional valve, focusing on whether the power supply signal socket is damaged or loose, whether the button is damaged, dust and oil, and whether the quick connector is damaged or not.

C. Power on and ventilation check

When the equipment is energized and ventilated, focus on checking the following:

1. The air supply pressure is 0.5-0.9Mpa (conventional model) 2. Whether there is an alarm display 3. Whether there is air leakage 4. Whether there is an abnormal noise

D. Open cover inspection

1. Open the bottom cover: check whether there is any debris blocking the air path, whether the parts are damaged, and whether the moving parts are flexible.

2. Top cover inspection: Whether the small valve is deformed or damaged (pay attention to the gap), whether the circuit board has ablation marks, whether the buckle is intact, and the pin is inserted into the spring.  

3. The middle part of the inspection (in most cases can be skipped):

Whether the diaphragm is damaged or cannot be sealed, whether the valve needle and moving parts are stuck or not moving flexibly, whether the small air passage hole is blocked, and whether the sealing ring is intact.

4. Assembly: Pay attention to the seal, check the flexibility of the moving parts, and no debris can enter the air path.

HE laser Warm Reminder:

The damage to the proportional valve caused by excessive air pressure cannot be repaired, and the problem of dust ingress can be repaired.