How to clean and maintain the cutting head of fiber laser cutting machine


As a new type of cutting machine product, fiber laser cutting machine has performed well in recent years. This high-precision laser processing method far surpasses traditional processing methods in terms of efficiency and stability, and creates extraordinary value for enterprises.


As the core component of the fiber laser cutting machine, the cutting head is a laser output device, which consists of a nozzle, a focus lens and a focus tracking system. In order to ensure the normal operation of the fiber laser cutting machine, cleaning and maintenance of the laser head has become a top priority. The following are the daily cleaning and maintenance steps of the cutting head of the fiber laser cutting machine organized by HE engineer for you:

图片 3.png 

Recognition of cutting head parts

   (Note: Please refer to the actual cutting head model)

01 Centering screw

The laser can be adjusted to the center point of the nozzle. The adjustment method can be to paste transparent glue on the position of the nozzle light outlet, and then press the spot to remove the transparent glue, as shown in the figure. (If the light is not in the center, the cutting will be unstable and the cutting will have burrs.)

02 Z axis leather tiger

After the lower screw is loosened, the Z axis can be lubricated. ‍

03 Z-axis upper limit function

After turning on the drive, the cutting head limit block will return to the upper limit.

04 Z-axis lower limit function

The cutting head limit block will quickly return to the upper limit when it is close to the lower limit and return to the set position.

05 Focusing screw

Choose the appropriate focus position according to the thickness of the material and the type of cutting gas.

06 Protective mirror drawer

There is a protective lens and a sealing ring inside. The protective lens needs to be checked and wiped clean before starting the machine every day. The sealing ring should be replaced every three months.


Maintenance instructions:

Propranolol or analytical alcohol are used to clean the lens. Pay attention to wearing finger cots when holding the lens. Hold both sides of the lens and wipe it from side to side with a cotton swab. Do not wipe back and forth.