What is the causes of the over heating of the nozzles? And how to solve the nozzle overheating?


Reasons for the heating of the nozzle of the laser cutting machine:

1. Is the cooling air (cooling water) of the laser nozzle turned on? Whether it meets the requirements.

2. The laser focusing optical path may be offset and not in the central, and part of the laser is irradiated on the nozzle.

3. The diameter of the laser nozzle is partially blocked or contaminated.

Measures to solve the nozzle overheating.

1. Check whether the cooling air is turned on, and turn it on when it is not turned on.

2. Check whether the focus is correct, adjust it if it is not correct.

3. Check if the nozzle is clogged, clean it if it is clogged.

4. Don't work continuously for a long time, let the equipment cool down regularly.