Q:What are the components of a fiber laser cutting machine?
A:1. Machine body: The machine body is mainly a mechanical part that carries the movement of the X, Y, and Z axes of the machine body. It is also a working platform for cutting work pieces. It can move correctly and accurately according to the control progr...
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Q:What are the factors related to the cooling capacity of the laser chiller? How to choose?
A:The factors that affect the cooling capacity of the laser chiller mainly include the following:1. Water temperature: Under the same ambient temperature conditions. The higher the outlet water temperature, the greater the cooling capacity, and the lower th...
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Q:How to correctly select auxiliary gas for fiber laser cutting machine?
A:The use of auxiliary gas can not only blow away the slag in the coaxial slot, but also cool the surface of the processed object, reduce the heat-affected zone, cool the focusing lens, and prevent smoke and dust from entering the lens holder to pollute the...
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Q:What is the difference between single layer nozzle and double layer nozzle?
A:In the cutting of stainless steel and aluminum plate sheet, while auxiliary gas is Nitrogen, the single layer nozzle is used. And the usual nozzle with diameter is 1.0-3.0mm.The double-layer laser nozzle is generally used for oxidative cutting. While oxyg...
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Q:What is the causes of the over heating of the nozzles? And how to solve the nozzle overheating?
A:Reasons for the heating of the nozzle of the laser cutting machine:1. Is the cooling air (cooling water) of the laser nozzle turned on? Whether it meets the requirements.2. The laser focusing optical path may be offset and not in the central, and part of...
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