Rail Transit Industry
Rail transit is an infrastructure that every city attaches great importance to development. In addition, there are many products that need to be processed in the manufacturing of rail transit equipment, such as rails, car bodies, interior panels, bogies, etc. The welded structure of rail transit vehicles consists of a large number of To ensure the welding quality and size requirements after assembly welding, the processing quality of individual basic parts, such as flatness, straightness, and groove fineness, are all very demanding. The use of laser cutting equipment can produce high-precision, high-quality parts of the cut section.
Aerospace Industry
In the manufacturing process of aviation equipment, many parts need to be cut and processed, including engine flame tube, engine casing, aircraft frame, tail wall panel, honeycomb structure, helicopter main rotor and other parts. The traditional cutting process is difficult to cut these parts. so there is a laser cutting process. Laser cutting can cut a series of high hardness, high melting point metals and non-metal special aviation materials, in addition to alloys, aluminum alloys, nickel alloys, chromium alloys, stainless steel, beryllium oxide and other metal materials.

Sheet Metal Processing Industry
By the traditional cutting process, sheet metal parts are normally processed by blanking. When make new product or different shapes of sheet metals, it will need to change the mold, which will increases the cost. What is more, it will affect the timely production of new products. By fiber laser cutting machine, it needs much shorter time, the electric drawings can be directly imported into industrial computer, which will greatly save the production time. Now fiber laser cutting machine plays a leading role in the sheet metal industry. More and more customers will choose fiber laser cutting machine when they need to cut sheet metals
Fitness Equipment Industry
In fitness equipment products, tube applications are very common, such as: spinning bikes, shared bikes, bicycles, sit-up boards, treadmills, children's scooters, and so on. Like the fitness equipment on the right, the specifications and processes to be cut are different. If a traditional pipe cutting machine is used, it will not be possible to do it with only one. Moreover, it is necessary to purchase and replace multiple sets of fixtures, which wastes time and cost. . The tube cutting laser machine is different, it only needs simple programming and setting to complete the cutting of various specifications of tubes.

Chassis Cabinet Industry
The manufacturing volume of major steel and home appliances in my country has leapt to the forefront of the world. The refrigerators and washing machines accounted for more than 40% of the world; the air conditioners and microwave ovens accounted for about 70% of the world; and the production of small household appliances accounted for nearly 80% of the world. China has become a global home appliance manufacturing country and Main supplier country. In the context of the rise of the manufacturing industry, the traditional steel cutting process has problems such as tool wear, low processing efficiency, and easy to produce burrs, surface roughness, and deformation. In contrast, the fiber laser cutting process has become more prominent and has become the common choice of many steel processing companies.
Kitchen Appliances Industry
Kitchen equipment industry contains a wide variety of products, but most of them are based on metal materials. Therefore, the key to creating high-quality kitchen equipment is the processing technology of metal materials. The traditional processing of kitchen equipment is mainly based on numerical control punches, which can only be formed with multiple processes such as polishing, shearing and bending. This processing method has low efficiency, high molds consumption and high using cost. For kitchen equipment manufacturers, the diversified, high-efficiency small size laser cutting machine has unique advantages in the processing of kitchen equipment.

New Energy Industry
The new energy vehicle industry is developing rapidly, and more and more customers are buying new energy vehicles. New energy vehicles use automotive lightweight technology, which benefits from the core component of lithium-ion power batteries. However, as the power core component of a new type of automobile, lithium-ion power batteries have many welding positions, greater difficulty, and higher accuracy requirements. The traditional welding process has been completely unable to adapt to the processing of lithium-ion power batteries, and the metal laser welding machine relies on The advantages of high processing efficiency and excellent processing quality have been purchased and used by major manufacturers one after another