Sheet Metal Processing Industry

By the traditional cutting process, sheet metal parts are normally processed by blanking. When make new product or different shapes of sheet metals, it will need to change the mold, which will increases the cost. What is more, it will affect the timely production of new products.
By fiber laser cutting machine, it needs much shorter time, the electric drawings can be directly imported into industrial computer, which will greatly save the production time. Now fiber laser cutting machine plays a leading role in the sheet metal industry. More and more customers will choose fiber laser cutting machine when they need to cut sheet metals

Advantages Of The Solution
No processing stress, the work piece is not deformed
Adopts non-contact processing way, which will not damage and hurt the sheet metal work pieces
No need secondary treatment, with high processing efficiency
It adopts a fully automated control system, and has high flexibility, suitable for mass production and processing, without subsequent processing
High locating accuracy and good cutting effect
The laser beam has good quality and positioning accuracy, so the cutting accuracy is also higher
Recommended Product
Exchange Medium-High Power Laser Cutting Machine

01.The worktable can be automatically exchanged to reduce stand-by times and improve loading and unloading working efficiency

02.It has a newly designed partitioned exhaust dust removal system, which can effectively remove dust during processing

03.Accuracy compensation beam structure to solve the impact of cutting accuracy caused by environmental changes

04.It has high accuracy and high speed drive system, adopts imported high speed servo-driven motors, high accuracy linear guide rail and pinion rack gear that are highly accurate to ensure cutting accuracy and efficiency

05.It has centralized lubrication and divisional dust removal systems to ensure long-term steady operations for the entire machine

06.It is equipped with a wireless remote controller