Fitness Equipment Industry

In fitness equipment products, tube applications are very common, such as: spinning bikes, shared bikes, bicycles, sit-up boards, treadmills, children's scooters, and so on. Like the fitness equipment on the right, the specifications and processes to be cut are different. If a traditional pipe cutting machine is used, it will not be possible to do it with only one. Moreover, it is necessary to purchase and replace multiple sets of fixtures, which wastes time and cost. . The tube cutting laser machine is different, it only needs simple programming and setting to complete the cutting of various specifications of tubes.

Advantages Of The Solution
Through computer programming design, the processed shape can be changed flexibly and quickly
The machine can be flexibly adjusted according to the slight telescopic deformation of different materials in the processing process
It is not limited by the difficulty of graphics and the length of the pipe, and no secondary processing is required, which greatly shortens the production period
Recommended Product
High Efficiency Tube Cutting Fiber Laser Machine

01.It is professional laser tube cutting equipment that is highly efficient and has a high cost performance

02.It has a high strength and high rigidity machine tool bed to ensure long-term stable and reliable operations

03.It has complete excursion compressed air chuck with one button for self-centering and fast installation

04.It has a flexible tube diameter support system to achieve supplementary loading and retaining and improve cutting accuracy

05.It has real-time deviation compensation with convenient tube installation, which has high cutting accuracy for perforations

06.It has tube corner cutting control technology and high-quality tube material corner cutting

07.It has three-dimensional nesting software installed to conduct special material cutting, such as angel iron and box iron

08.It is equipped with weld bead inspection, which can avoid weld bead when cutting at any angel