New Energy Industry

The new energy vehicle industry is developing rapidly, and more and more customers are buying new energy vehicles. New energy vehicles use automotive lightweight technology, which benefits from the core component of lithium-ion power batteries. However, as the power core component of a new type of automobile, lithium-ion power batteries have many welding positions, greater difficulty, and higher accuracy requirements. The traditional welding process has been completely unable to adapt to the processing of lithium-ion power batteries, and the metal laser welding machine relies on The advantages of high processing efficiency and excellent processing quality have been purchased and used by major manufacturers one after another

Advantages Of The Solution
High processing efficiency
Compared with argon arc welding, the efficiency is increased by more than 50%
Excellent processing quality
The welding seam is smooth and uniform, and the protrusions are very small. There is no need to polish after welding
Low cost of use
Ultra-high electrical optical conversion efficiency, saving a lot of electricity expenses for enterprises
Recommended Product
Three-Dimensional Laser Welding Machine

01.Freely and flexibly achieve various kinds of complex three dimensional curve processing tracks

02.3D laser cutting head with anti-collision function

03.Available robots (Fanuc) M10iA; M20iA; M20iB (high precision); (ABB) IRB1600; IRB2600

04.Offline programming software as optional

05.The seventh and eighth axis linkage can be expanded

06.Flexible robot base installation method: vertical, vertical single-axis linkage and inverted gantry