Thermal annealing steel bed, long service life
Large format and heavy machine body adopts frame structure welded by high quality steel to get excellent dynamic and static response characteristics. After welding, annealing, secondary aging treatment, precision processed by large gantry milling machine, it can ensure the good shock resistance, high rigidity and stability for the machine body.
Unique “L” shaped beam
Unique “L” design of the beam, which has better deformation resistance at horizontal section and vertical orientation and higher rigidity. It also has the advantages of less weight, better dynamic performance.
Compensation structure for beam expansion
Can modify the precision deviation caused by environment, temperature change and working condition intelligently.
Dust extraction system with partitioned ventilation
Partition ventilation, with stronger suction, multiple large-diameter air intakes are set evenly.
Modular assemble platform
Assemble frames can prevent thermal deformation effectively. It is convenient to replace the supports to longer the life of platform.
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Technical parameters
S5 Ultra-High-Power 15000W-30000W
  • Cutting Sizes
  • Laser Output Power
  • Axial Positioning Accuracy
  • Axial Repeated Positioning Accuracy
  • Power Supply Requirement
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