Thermal annealing steel bed, long service life
Large format and heavy machine body adopts frame structure welded by high quality steel to get excellent dynamic and static response characteristics. After welding, annealing, secondary aging treatment, precision processed by large gantry milling machine, it can ensure the good shock resistance, high rigidity and stability for the machine body.
Unique “L” shaped beam
Unique “L” design of the beam, which has better deformation resistance at horizontal section and vertical orientation and higher rigidity. It also has the advantages of less weight, better dynamic performance.
Big height of passing the beam
The max height which can pass the beam is 110mm, can cut the profiles with U and L shapes.
The walking range of laser head cover is bigger than the size of metal sheet
The moving distance of Y axis is lengthened, the cover of laser head can move from the area of workbench totally, which can avoid hitting laser head effectively when loading metal sheets.
Modular assemble platform
Assemble frames can prevent thermal deformation effectively. It is convenient to replace the supports to longer the life of platform.
Reasonable layout of water and electricity pipelines
Can avoid burning by splash sparks, and convenient to maintain.
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Technical parameters
S1 Economical Single-Platform 1500W-6000W
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  • Laser Output Power
  • Axial Positioning Accuracy
  • Axial Repeated Positioning Accuracy
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