High accuracy linear machine bed
Comparing with ground tracking machine bed, high accuracy linear machine bed has much higher cutting precision.
Customizable Large Format
Heavy machine body adopts high precision Splicing technology ,which can realize big size cutting and customize the size according to the requirement of customer. The max length is 30 meters , and the max width is 4.5 meters.
Higher load-bearing platform
Denser racks on platform to increase the bearing capacity. Racks can be dismantled fast, easy to replace.
Optional Bevel cutting
Can cut A bevel, V bevel, Y bevel, X bevel, K bevel up to 45 degrees or cut straight. The bevel cut can be realized at one time , which can reduce the subsequent processing to increase the cutting accuracy effectively.
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Technical parameters
S9 Large-Format 12000W-30000W
  • Cutting Sizes
    15030\16030\18035\20040\22045\24035\24040\26030\30045\Customizable Size
  • Laser Output Power
  • Axial Positioning Accuracy
  • Axial Repeated Positioning Accuracy
  • Power Supply Requirement
  • Tags
    Fiber Laser Bevel Cutting Machine, Ultra Large Format Cutting Machine,Bevel Fiber Laser Cutter
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