Kitchen Appliances Industry

Kitchen equipment industry contains a wide variety of products, but most of them are based on metal materials. Therefore, the key to creating high-quality kitchen equipment is the processing technology of metal materials. The traditional processing of kitchen equipment is mainly based on numerical control punches, which can only be formed with multiple processes such as polishing, shearing and bending. This processing method has low efficiency, high molds consumption and high using cost. For kitchen equipment manufacturers, the diversified, high-efficiency small size laser cutting machine has unique advantages in the processing of kitchen equipment.

Advantages Of The Solution
Higher position accuracy and good cutting effect
The laser beam has good quality and positioning accuracy, so the cutting accuracy is also higher
No need secondary treatment, with high processing efficiency
Adopts non-contact processing way, no processing stress, the work piece is not deformed, and it has the advantages of high cutting accuracy and smooth section, does not need secondary treatment
Shorten the production cycle, reduce costs and increase efficiency
Improve the finished product rate of kitchen equipment, really effectively improve the product quality and shorten production cycle, can save the cost, and ensure the price advantage
Recommended Product
Sheet and Tube Integrated Laser Cutting Machine

01.The machine is dual purpose, which has two functions for cutting both sheets and tubes

02.It has adopted imported drive system with highly accurate servo-driven motors with high cutting accuracy

03.It has flexible configuration, with optional cutting function of elliptical tube, angle iron, channel steel and other special-shaped pipes

04.It has robust functionality that supports real-time deviation compensation for tube cores that is convenient to install, which can greatly improve the accuracy of tube perforations and corner cutting

05.It is equipped with a wireless remote controller, which is better for remote control