How to replace the cover lens of laser cutting head?


It is common to maintain the cover lens of laser cutting head, when you use fiber laser cutting machines.

Under irregular operation, dust will pollute the lens in the cutting head, which will harm the laser head and stop the production.

Before you start to replace the cover lens of laser cutting head, you need to prepare these things:

①Textured paper ②Alcohol ③Cotton swab ④ Dust-free cloth ⑤New and clean cover lens.


Operating in non-convective environment

Turn off the exhaust fan and other ventilators to avoid convection


Replace the cover lens

① Clean the dust around the base inlet by dust-free cloth, and stick the nozzle by textured paper after cleaning.

Loosen the screws, pull out the base of protect lens, and seal the inlet by textured paper.

② Lay the dust-free paper on the platform and put the polluted protect lens on it.

③ Check the sealing ring, if it is loose or aging, replace it with a new one.

④ Spray alcohol on dust-free cotton swab, and use it to clean the base of protect lens, replace the new protect lens.

changing the cover lens.jpg


Do not touch the surface of the lens, a finger cot is preferred.

When finish the replacement, put it back instantly.