T2 INGENIOUS Entry-level Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


HE laser professional pipe cutter, a high-efficiency and high-precision cutting tool, greatly improves the cutting quality and efficiency. It can cut special-shaped profiles such as angle steel and channel steel according to requirements, and can also choose a feeding, blanking and supporting system. One model to meet various needs of customers.



  • Integrated machine tool mechanism

High strength and rigidity bed more efficient production, space saving

Annealing de-stressing, anti-vibration

  • Intelligent control system

  • Special system for pipes

Support real-time deviation compensation of the tube core, reduce the clamping requirements for the tube, and greatly improve the perforation accuracy.

Support to set a separate corner process to improve the quality of pipe corner cutting; optional angle steel, channel steel cutting function.

Optional automatic loading and unloading and cycle processing, support standard automatic feeding.

Open control system, adopting motion control algorithm.

Support real-time feedback of the encoder, and add error measurement tools to obtain the best motion parameters of the machine tool.

  • Integrated chuck

Low failure rate, simple structure, large bearing capacity, convenient maintenance.

  • Variable-diameter roller

  • Auto focusing cutting head

With TRA components and slender nozzles, it can adapt to any complex pipe cutting, and the optimized optical and water-cooled design ensures that the laser head works continuously and stably.

  • Dust extraction system

The chuck has a built-in dust extraction pipe to improve the quality of the inner wall of the pipe fittings when cutting, and is equipped with a ventilation dust removal system to effectively remove dust during processing.

  • Options of feeding, blanking and supporting systems


It can cut a variety of profiles, square tube, rectangular tube, I-beam, channel steel, angle steel, etc.