HE LASER Handheld laser cleaning machine, handheld wire feed fiber laser welding machine


Laser cleaning machine is a new generation of high-tech products for surface cleaning.

Laser welding machine is an ideal choice for spot welding, seam welding, continuous deep penetration welding and other applications.

  • Handheld laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning technology adopts laser with narrow pulse width and high-power density to act on the surface of workpiece to be cleaned. Under the joint action of rapid light vibration, vaporization, decomposition and plasma stripping, instantaneous evaporation & peeling off dirt, rust or coating on the surface can be realized. Laser cleaning is efficient, cost saving, environment-friendly, superior to traditional pickling, sandblasting and manual polishing methods.


 Product features:

  • Nondestructive substrate

High pulse flat top laser source, high cleaning accuracy, strong controllability, no injure to the substrate.

  • Cost-effective, convenient

Cost of ownership 50% , no consumables required, low power consumption.

  •  Stability, high-efficiency

Stable performance, long service life; all-in-one design, no separate control cabinet is required.

Laser cleaning is widely used in aerospace, rail transit, mold, automobile, machining, machinery and other industries.

Cleaning sample

cleaning sample.png

Handheld wire feed fiber laser welding machine

Fiber laser welding machine is a welding equipment couples the high-energy laser beam into optic fiber, collimating it into flat light and focusing it on the workpieces after long-distance transmission. It applies flexible transmission, contact-free welding to the parts that are difficult to be accessed. The beam of fiber laser welding machine implemented the splitting of light in time and energy, it can perform multi-beam simultaneous processing, extremely friendly to precise welding.


Product features:

  • Handheld, flexible operation

Handheld Welding Head, small size, flexible operation, easy to learn & operate, long welding distance, outdoor operation applicable.

  • Fiber laser source

High quality beam output, higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, lower power consumption, higher beam quality, flexible laser output, integrated with system equipment conveniently.

  • Automatic wire feeding system

Automatic retraction and patching, perfect welding effect.

Hand held wire feeding fiber laser welding machine is widely used in doors and windows, sinks, chassis, kitchenware, subway, building materials, shipbuilding, aviation, automotive and other industries.

Welding sample

wielding sample.png

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