Maintenance guide of fiber laser in Summer


Kind reminder:

In Summer, the temperature gradually increased and the air humidity is high too, so fiber lasers have high failure rate. According to statistics, most of the failures of high-power lasers are closely related to the user's operating sequence and working environment. In order to avoid the  problem, reduce the time of failure and the losses.  We give you some suggestions.

Avoid preventable failure

Fiber laser can converts electrical energy into light energy, and its internal structure is relatively complex, involving multiple disciplines and fields such as light, mechanics, and electricity.

Although fiber lasers have lower environmental requirements compared to other types of lasers, it is also necessary to ensure that the use environment meets the requirements, which can make its own protective measures can effectively work.

If there are mistakes in the startup sequence, case airtight and water temperature setting, the electronic and optical components cooled by water inside the laser may cause condensation on the surface due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside, thereby reducing the performance of  laser and even damaging the laser.

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Scientific maintenance of lasers in Summer:

01 Ensure that the case is airtight

The case of the fiber laser adopts closed design and equips with air conditioner or dehumidifier, the purpose is to ensure the components in the case are in a relatively stable and safe temperature and humidity environment. If the case is not closed, the high-temperature and high-humidity air will enter the case. When it encounters internal water-cooled components, it will condense on their surface, causing  damage. Therefore, when check the airtight of the case, user shall check following aspects as follows:

1. Whether each cabinet door is closed tightly or not.

2. Whether the lifting bolts on the top are tightened.

3. Whether the protective cover of the unused communication control interfaces at the back of the case is covered or not, and whether the used interfaces are fixed or not.

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02. startup sequence

Because the laser case cannot be completely airtight, when the power is cut off at night, the air conditioner of case will stop operating. If the room is not installed with air conditioning or air conditioner does not work, the hot and humid air can gradually comes into the case. Therefore, when restarting in the morning, please pay attention to the following steps:

1. Turn on the main power supply of the laser (Laser does not come out), and let the case air conditioner run for about 30 minutes;

2. Start the chiller, wait for the water temperature to the predetermined temperature, and turn on the laser enable switch;

3. Start to cut.

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We suggestions:

If possible, under the premise of ensuring safety, the laser fiber should be powered on at night to keep the case air conditioner running.

Or place the fiber laser in a room with air-conditioned, and keep the air-conditioning continuous working (including at night).

03. Water temperature setting

The water temperature has a direct impact on the electro-optical conversion efficiency, stability and condensation. Under normal circumstances, the cooling water temperature is set as follows:

1. The temperature of the low water temperature( for cooling fiber laser ) should be set at about 21 Celsius degree.

2. For fiber lasers above 2500W, the temperature of Deionized DI water (for cooling laser head) should be set between 27 degrees and 33 Celsius degree degrees.

This temperature should be adjusted according to the environment temperature and humidity. Generally speaking, when the environment temperature and the humidity increase, user shall increase the higher the DI water temperature too. The basic principle is that the DI water temperature should be above the dew point. The dew point table is as follows:

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The climate characteristics of each season vary greatly. Laser cutting machine is a kind of processing equipment with high precision and high value. Scientific and orderly maintenance of climate characteristics can effectively avoid small problems in laser cutting process and improve the service life of laser cutting machine.

If you have any questions during the use, please call the after-sales service hotline of Sino Russian laser: 400-018-3868