Application of laser cutting in automobile manufacturing industry


In the rapidly developing modern society, great changes have taken place in clothing, food, housing and transportation. Transportation is changed particular obviously with the development of automobile manufacturing industry. Now Wuhan HE Laser is making efforts to provide better intelligent solutions for this industry.

There are many new technologies are utilized in automobile manufacturing industry. New energy automobile industry, which is very popular now,  is one of the most widely used fields of laser processing that includes laser cutting and laser welding.

Laser cutting includes sheet metal cutting, tube cutting and 3D cutting. As an advanced manufacturing method, laser cutting is especially important during the manufacturing of automobile.  3D laser cutting is very effective for the high-strength steel structural components which have complex outlines from both technical and economical point of views.

  • The application of sheet metal laser cutting machine in automobile industry.

Laser cutting is widely used in automobile industry. Sheet metal accounts for at least 50% of the constituent materials of automobiles. It is mainly used for the chassis, body shell, exterior parts of windows and lights, pedals, car interior frames, etc.

  • The application of tube cutting machine in automobile manufacturing industry.

Tubes are also widely used, such as seamless stainless steel tube for exhaust systems, the special-shaped tubes for the cabs of construction machines.

The application of 3D cutting/welding machine in automobile industry:

Sheet metal covers of automobile components, including hood, rear cover box, water tank frame, bumper, fender, door, ingot beam, control arm, rear axle, etc.