Exhibition Express | HE Laser shines at CIMT 2019, the sales volume of the exhibition hits a new high


On April 20th, the 16th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT2019) ended successfully at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing. The six-day large-scale international event attracted exhibitors and spectators from all over the world. The scene was hot and lively.

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At the exhibition, HE Laser made a stunning appearance with its blockbuster new products, competing with many international mainstream brands on the same stage. Among them, Hall W2 exhibited a 15000W high-power fiber laser cutting machine, and Hall W6 exhibited a multi-layer silo flat automatic loading and unloading laser cutting production line and a fully automatic professional pipe cutting machine. The two halls are brilliant.

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As a global professional manufacturer of laser intelligent equipment, HE Laser has accumulated power for more than ten years and made a strong attack, bringing a number of latest research and development achievements to the stage.  

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Flying cut

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Automatic pipe cutting machine  

During the exhibition, the HE booth was crowded with people, and the on-site staff served enthusiastically. They realized zero-distance communication with the visitors who came to the exhibition. The in-depth and simple technical interpretation gave everyone a deep understanding of the high-quality products and professional services of HE Laser. The cutting demonstration has won unanimous praise from customers.

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The HECF4020IVWJ-15000W high-power fiber laser cutting machine is undoubtedly the biggest highlight on the HE booth. The first appearance of the equipment in the W2 hall detonated the audience. Many customers came forward to consult and negotiate cooperation. Hall W6 was not to be outdone, and the automated production line series products were also eye-catching. The audience was amazed, and good news from the two halls spread frequently.

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Highlights of signing orders for some customers  

The rich activities and attractive gifts attracted the enthusiastic participation of many friends at home and abroad, and the constant laughter on the scene added a few different kinds of vitality to the exhibition.  

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With continuous development and continuous innovation, HE Laser has always been at the forefront of the laser technology application market, providing users with advanced and complete laser processing application solutions. At this exhibition, with its strong technical strength and superb cutting technology, HE Laser has set off an upsurge in ordering laser cutting machines, and the sales volume of the exhibition has reached a new high.  

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The China Machine Tool Fair (CIMT2019) has ended perfectly, but the elites of HE Laser are still fighting and striding forward, and the excitement will continue to be staged. I look forward to the next exhibition!