Yuzhong Grain Machinery|The annual output value exceeds 100 million yuan


Located in Jingzhou, Hubei, Yuzhong Grain Machinery has a history of 25 years since its establishment. It is a professional enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of grain, oil and feed storage machinery and equipment. Its products are widely sold in textiles, medicine, food, metallurgy, machinery and Environmental protection and other industries are exported to South Asia, Central Asia, Russia and other regions. It is the largest grain machinery company in Jingzhou City with an annual output value of over 100 million.

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Client workshop

"My friends are recommending HE Laser"

Traditional grain mechanical processing methods are outdated. Zhongyu, which has always maintained a forward-looking vision for the development and production of mechanical equipment, knows the importance of technology investment to the development of the company. The company’s head, Mr. Yu, chose HE under the recommendation of many customers. Laser, purchased the first laser cutting machine in 2016. When asked why President Yu chose HE Laser among many laser brands, President Yu mentioned that before planning to purchase equipment, he learned from friends that HE Laser's equipment is good, and it is the first batch of domestic research and development and production of laser cutting machines. The manufacturers, products and after-sales are very guaranteed. This has made the HE Laser and Zhongyu Machine have a deep bond.

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Finished products cut by customer's factory

The successful introduction of the first laser cutting machine greatly improved the production efficiency of Yuzhong Food Machinery. In order to further meet the needs of R&D and production, and easily cope with the increasingly complex work piece processing and customers' high-precision standards for products, Zhongyu has again introduced an IE series fiber laser cutting machine in 2019.   

Mr. Yu said that the reason for choosing HE Laser again is because it has cooperated with HE Laser for many years. From pre-sales to after-sales service, the two sides have cooperated very well. In addition, the strong technical strength and excellent product quality of HE Laser are worthy of trust. With the escort of two HE laser cutting machines, the company's annual output value has exceeded 100 million yuan.

During the return visit, Mr. Yu spoke highly of the equipment operation and after-sales service of HE Laser. "HE Laser is very timely from sales to after-sales service. So far, there have been no major problems with the equipment. I occasionally encountered some professional technical knowledge of the operator who did not understand. After a phone call, the after-sales engineer of HE drove to help. Solution. For our production-oriented enterprises, it is the best service to ensure that the factory does not stop working." Mr. Yu said.

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Meeting the needs of users in the broad range of industries, enhancing user experience happiness, and creating more satisfying value for users are the mission and pursuit of HE Laser. HE Laser's after-sales service in China is continuing. In the future, HE Laser will actively explore more new experiences in laser processing applications to help users in the sheet metal processing industry achieve higher goals.