Jingzhou Xinganyuan|Breakthrough from 500W to 6000W choose the right laser cutting machine, easily defeat the opponent


Jingzhou Xinganyuan Electrical Cabinet Co., Ltd. is a service company that was established in 2012 in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, specializing in the production and installation of electrical cabinets, electrical cabinets, and mechanical products. With the development of machining in recent years, the demand for machining in large quantities has increased day by day.  


1+1>2, decisively invest to seize industry technology opportunities   

Jingzhou Xinganyuan Electric Cabinet Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Jingzhou Xinganyuan) is not the first cooperation with HE Laser. As early as 2016, HE Laser was selected when purchasing low-power laser cutting equipment. Due to the increase in orders, in order to complete the output and quality on time, Jingzhou Xinganyuan decisively ordered the second HE equipment-6000W exchange fiber laser cutting machine at the end of 2018.

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Because mechanical processing has very high requirements for products, usually only 2-3 days are reserved from order production to installation at the construction site, and once the processing is completed, rework cannot be carried out, so how to ensure quality and quantity in a short time The perfect delivery of customers has become an important "magic weapon" for mechanical product processing manufacturers to establish a good reputation in the industry.

Choose HE laser equipment and won a large number of orders   

When the service team arrived at the Xinganyuan factory in Jingzhou, the head of the factory, Mr. Liu, was inspecting the workshop. He warmly welcomed us and expressed his gratitude to us for this return visit. He made no conceal about HE laser equipment and after-sales service. The service is highly appreciated.

When asked about the operation of the factory this year, Mr. Liu said that although the operation of the factory was affected to a certain extent in the first half of this year, it broke through the difficulties within two months after the resumption of work. The factory received several large orders continuously. It is still stepping up production and preparing for delivery.  

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Through this return visit, we learned that the HE 6000W laser cutting machine has helped Jingzhou Xinganyuan Company stand out from its competitors and won a large number of orders with its excellent processing efficiency and cutting accuracy.

Break through the technological bottleneck, and the output value has risen explosively   

Mr. Liu said that Jingzhou Xinganyuan purchased a low-power laser cutting machine in 2016 to try to use laser cutting technology to improve the processing technology, but HE laser cutting technology surprised him , which drove a substantial increase in the processing output of the entire factory. As a result, a laser cutting machine is far from meeting the processing needs of the factory, so I decided to purchase a 6000W laser cutting machine. Before the introduction of the HE 6000W laser cutting machine, Jingzhou Xinganyuan received a thick plate cutting order and could only ask foreign aid, but since the introduction of the 6000W laser cutting machine, the thickness of the processed material can reach 25mm, and the factory can easily complete a complete set of processing The operation has finally realized the cutting material from thin to thick, which can easily meet the needs of customers for batch processing and greatly increase the output value, Mr. Liu said happily.


When we asked why the two devices chose HE Laser, Mr. Liu happily said in Jingzhou dialect: The first device was used very well, and the experience of cooperating with HEu Laser in the past few years is also very good. The after-sales service response is very timely, and the follow-up work is "in place". Every month, the staff will take the initiative to call or visit to follow up the use of the equipment, so when planning to purchase the second equipment, just choose it without even thinking about it. China Russia.   

The pursuit of excellence in product manufacturing has made Jingzhou Xinganyuan Company choose the right laser cutting machine from the attempt of the 500W laser cutting machine to the breakthrough of the 6000W laser cutting machine. The orders have also increased sharply with the improvement of processing technology.

In the future, HE Laser will continue to use technological innovation as a continuous driving force, provide customers with better equipment and technical support, help optimize and upgrade the technology of the processing and manufacturing industry, and work together to serve every customer for a win-win situation, and help China's manufacturing improvement!