New Arrival T3 SMART Professional Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Currently, there are various metal pipe cutting machines. It has some problems such as, low efficiency, unstable running, surface scratches caused by cut parts falling down vertically, etc.

HE laser company T3 series is designed to help solve such problems.


Product advantages:

Integrated machine tool structure,High strength and high rigidity bed


Intelligent control system,Digital signal Ethercat Bus System

1. Real-time compensation for pipe center deviation, reducing pipe clamping requirements, and higher efficiency; pipes have higher perforation precision and more accurate cutting.

2. Based on the real-time system and the follow-up control, the pipe corners are cut faster; the corners follow more stably, and the cutting quality is more reliable.

3. Support the follow-up function of the bracket to ensure the quality of the whole pipe processing and cutting of the pipe.

4. It supports feeding cutting of hollow chuck, greatly shortens the overall length of the pipe cutting machine, and has a high degree of automation.

5. TubesT, the tube nesting software, makes it easier to draw 3D graphics, supports angle steel/channel steel/I-beam tool path editing, and co-edge cutting saves time and material.


Closed Chuck

It is low failure rate, large bearing capacity, simple structure,easy to maintenance.


Servo follower support

There is a servo follow-up support mechanism for blanking, which can drag pipes of various shapes to prevent the blanking from hitting the cutting head after cutting.


Auto focus cutting head

With slender TRA components and slender nozzles, it can adapt to any complex pipe cutting. Continuous focus adjustment through program settings can complete rapid perforation and automatic cutting of pipes with different thicknesses. Optimized optical and water-cooled design ensures that the laser head can continue to be stable for a long time.


Application of a variety of square tube, rectangular tube I-beam, channel steel, angle steel and so on.