HE LASER flexible production line promotes intelligent manufacturing


Under the background of consumption upgrading, the traditional mass production method can no longer meet the complex, changeable and customized market demands. Therefore, the manufacturing has begun to actively explore the intelligent production mode. Under the premise of reducing costs, consumer-oriented production that meets the individual needs is called flexible manufacturing.

For factories, flexible production requires systematic organizational capability. Flexible production is based on flexible logistics, control, scheduling and production planning, which test the response and coordination speed of the production line and supply chain.

HE Laser has been developing intelligent flexible production line equipment manufacturing since 2017.

In 2018, multiple automatic equipment from HE Laser were debuted at China International Machine Tool Show and exported abroad.


At present, HE has developed a variety of "laser cutting +" intelligent product lines. Sheet cutting machine + automatic loading and unloading + material storage to realize multi-functional and intelligent production.

A complete flexible manufacturing system is consisting of equipment and system.

Software is the core of efficient operation for flexible manufacturing systems.

The intelligent flexible production line equipment of HE Laser is equipped with independently programmed & designed supporting software, with high suitability and more convenient for production. The strength of hardware and software has laid a solid foundation for intelligent flexible production lines, helping enterprises to embark on a new journey of intelligent production.


The features of intelligent flexible production:

In the process of production and assembly, data collection can be carried out automatically through sensors or RFID, and the real-time production status can be displayed through electronic monitor.

Quality inspection can be realized by machine vision and various sensors, in this way defectives will be automatically eliminated and quality data collected will be analysed by SPC to find out the cause of quality problems.

It has flexible process, allow the production of small batch and multi-variety.

With flexibility, there is alternative equipment in case of any failure on the production line.

Intelligent instructions for operator workstations.