The notices of using fiber laser cutting machines in Summer


For operate the machine well, maintenance is even more important than installation. In Summer laser machines more likely meet problem because of high temperature. We warmly remind that it is necessary to take measures to protect machine from temperature in Summer.

The common problems are: Fiber laser alarm, heavy dust accumulation on the filters of chiller, condensation near the inlet/outlet of water tubes.

According to the statistics, the most problems are caused by the wrong operations sequence and hot and damp operation environment.


There are some suggestions of protecting the machine in Summer.

The operation environment of laser machine:

Good ventilation, no dust, no corrosion, no water leakage

Ground protection, flatness of ground ≤±10mm, no vibration, no impact

Temperature: 10℃~40℃

Relative humidity: ≤70%

The scientific maintenance methods for fiber laser cutting machine:

  • Ensure that the case of fiber is airtight.

The cabinet of fiber laser adopts airtight design, and with air condition or dehumidifier s to ensure all the components work under proper temperature and humidity environments. If it is not airtight, hot and damp air will enter inside. When the air meets the components cooled by water, it will condense on the surface of the components, which will do harm to the fiber.

 So, operator must check the cabinet as follows:

  1. Ensure whether there is door , if yes whether the door is closed or not.

  2. Ensure the lifting bolt is tighten properly.

  3. Ensure the protect cover of used/unused communication control interface has been coved properly. 

  • Ensure the correct sequence of turn on the machine

Because the fiber laser cabinet can not be airtight totally,  the outside hot and damp air will come inside the cabinet slowly after air condition turned off at night. For this reason, user must turn on the machine strictly according to the following sequences:

  1. Turn on the master power (but do not make laser out), and let air condition or dehumidifier of fiber cabinet work about 30 minutes.

  2. Turn on the chiller, and wait the water temperature reach the setting temperature.

  3. After that, turn on laser switch, and start to cut.


If possible, under the premise of safety, do not turn off the fiber to make the air condition or dehumidifier work, or keep the fiber laser inside a room with continuous and stable working air condition(including night).

Setting water temperature of chiller

 Water temperature of chiller effects electro-optical conversion efficiency, stability and condensation directly. Normally, the setting of water temperature is as follows:

  1. Low temperature water (cooling fiber laser) is set about 21 ℃.

  2. If the fiber laser is more than 2500W, the water temperature of deionized DI water (cooling optic components of laser head) is set from 27 ℃ to 33℃, which need to be adjusted according to the temperature and humidity of environment. The higher the temperature and humidity, water temperature of DI water shall be set higher too. The basic principle is that DI water temperature must be higher than dew point.

Maintain the machine properly, avoid the problem before it happens.

Climate changes greatly every season, user must maintain the machine according to the temperature and humidity to avoid problems during cutting, and increase working efficiency and longer its service life,

Fiber laser machine, as big size machine which integrates laser, mechanical and electronic, its service life begins after it is installed, tested and start to be used. It is the best care for it to maintain the machine properly , and avoid the problem before it happens.