HUST students chase laser manufacturing dream in HE Laser


With the scorching sun in Wuhan, colleges and universities ushered in the summer vacation. Students from HUST took advantage of the summer vacation to bring their laser manufacturing dreams to HE Laser for a one-week internship.

This internship received two batches of students, both HE Laser and all the students were very well rewarded.

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Practicing social responsibility begins with the cultivation of young people

Since its founding, HE Laser has been practicing its social responsibilities.

Every summer vacation, a batch of college students will be welcomed, which not only inspires them to learn the development, operation and culture of enterprises, but also enables them to understand the basic theory of laser, and leads them to deeply grasp the product and application knowledge of laser in practice.

System, structure, drawing & management(Theory)

The lecturers of HE Laser led the students of HUST to learn the control system of metal laser cutting machine, the internal structure of the laser source and the basic theory of machinery, and taught them to draw mechanical parts with Solidworks. Striding over complex & rigorous theories is the first step into laser manufacturing.

After learning the theoretical knowledge in classroom, our lecturer led the students to shuttle around the workshop, introduced the storage and quality management knowledge, helped them practicing the electrical assembly process. Furthermore, the rigorous procedures of manufacturing a product are well comprehended by the students.

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Marking, welding & cutting(Practice)

After mastering the theory and management knowledge, the lecturer guided the students to closely contact with the equipment in workshop and start the practical marking process.

Standing in front of the laser welding machine, every student is eager to try adjusting the equipment and welding the stainless steel plate

They cut metal parts by themselves by using the skills they’ve learnt. It was at that moment that I really appreciated the charm of laser.

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Mutual recognition of each other's achievements

After the internship, a classmate wrote in the report: "I have gained a lot every day, and I deeply feel that knowledge is power."

They also sighed in practice: laser cutting stainless steel plate is high speed with good effect. We have issued a certificate of completion to every student to witness their growth and efforts. After the internship, they sent us a letter of thanks and a customized nameplate.

To promote school enterprise cooperation, make contributions to social needs and the vast number of students, HE Laser has been striving to practice.

We hope to pursue and realize the dream of laser manufacturing with more young elites in the future