Follow maintenance safety precautions while remove the medium and high power laser cutting heads


When fiber laser machine is working, the surface of the workpiece will release a large amount of gas and splashes, which can cause serious damage to the lens. On the one hand, the cutting ability of the laser cutting head will drop sharply, on the other hand, it will cause damage to the lens itself and the optical film on the surface. But as long as we use the laser cutting head properly in the daily work. The service life of the laser cutting head can be extended maximally by proper use and maintenance. Then it will reduce the number of lens replacement and reduce the use cost.

Today we will share with you the precautions for disassembly and maintenance of medium and high power cutting heads.

Before disassembling the cutting head, we need to clean the cutting head and take it into the dust-free room for disassembly on a clean operating platform.


Prepare the following tools:

① Dust free cotton swab ② Allen wrench ③ finger cover ④ dust-free paper towel ⑤ dust-free cloth ⑥ pressed isopropanol ⑦ dust-free adhesive tape ⑧ lens replacement

We will demonstrate the disassembly and replacement methods of the upper protective mirror, the lower protective mirror and the focus protective mirror.

Tips1: How to determine whether the protective mirror needs to be replaced

If there is slight pollution such as dust, particles, stains and fingerprints on the lens, it is only necessary to gently wipe the lens with a dust-free cotton swab after spraying the alcohol, and wait until the alcohol evaporates.

If the color of the lens changes obviously, it indicates that its film coating has been damaged. If the coating is damaged, the lens needs to be replaced.

Tips2: Precautions for lens replacement

①  It is better not to install the lens with bare fingers, but to wear finger covers

② Do not use suction instruments to avoid scratching the lens surface

③ Avoid speaking above the lens and keep away from things that are easily contaminated

④ Do not touch the film layer when taking out the lens. You should hold the edge of the lens

⑤ Be careful during operation to avoid hard objects touching the polished surface of the lens