Antifreeze guides of fiber laser cutting machine in Winter


Fiber laser cutting machine must work under the conditions of the temperature over 5℃ in Winter. If the temperature of water in fiber and chiller is lower, it will make the tubes of chiller broken, which will damage the most import part-- fiber.

 So, it is very necessary to take measures to antifreeze for the machine.

1. Drain out water from chiller and fiber.

 If chiller and fiber do not work for a long time, it need to ensure that the water of chiller tank, water tubes and water bump has been drained out totally.

2. Keep the chiller working continuously.

Keep the environment temperature always higher than 5℃ and chiller on working condition.

 3. Use anti-icing fluid, such as Antifrogen N which can antifreeze in -20℃. Its addition ratio is 3:7 (3 is antifreeze, 7 is water).


4. Please note that any kind of anti-icing fluid can not be used to replace Deionized water.

5. After winter, please use Deionized water to clean water circuit of chiller and fiber, before replace the water, please completely flush the antifreeze in the whole water tank and pipelines, and then maintain.

 What's more, maintain is most important when operate the machine.