HE LASER handheld wire feed welder, easy to learn & operate, first come first served


HE LASER handheld wire feed fiber laser welder, high-efficiency, cost-saving, maintenance-free. 

Large depth to width ratio of soldering seam, flat & smooth joint, time saving processing. High precision machining, cost saving, wide application.

HE LASER handheld wire feed fiber laser welder 

Technical parameters:

Power selection: 1000W~3000W

Applicable materials:stainless steel、carbon steel、galvanized sheet、aluminum sheet,etc.

Weld penetration:0.5-4mm

Soldering seam:<0.2mm

handheld wire feed welder working.jpg

Product features:

Handheld welding head, small size, flexible operation, easy to learn.

Long welding distance, outdoor operation applicable.


Fiber laser source

High quality beam output, higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, lower power consumption, excellent beam quality.

Flexible laser output, integrated with system equipment conveniently.


Easy to operate, plug and play

Simple design, no laser expertise required.

One key start, intuitive software, customized interface, visualized process parameters.

Real-time monitoring, high work efficiency.


Automatic wire feeding system

Automatic retraction and patching, perfect welding effect.


Applicable industries

Wide application in sheet metal manufacturing, such as chassis & cabinet Industry, household industry (aluminum alloy doors and windows, kitchenware and appliances), home appliance industry, advertising, mold industry, handicraft, auto parts industry, stainless steel processing, etc.


Welding sample